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Artwork Information

Lacquer paiting, 23,5 X 31,5 inches


  • Thieu Art Gallery

    I would like to introduce many artists in Vietnam are influenced by France. While artists in Vietnam are influenced by other cultures, they always seem to return to indigenous art forms at some point in their careers, namely lacquer. Lacquer involves layers of paint, with each layer allowed to dry completely before a new one is added. In between layers, other materials such as eggshell, varnish or gold and silver leaf are added. Layers are also finely sanded to bring out previous layers already painted. The article The love and labour of Vietnamese art, By Nathan Durec ,, July, 2021.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

    No data available.
  • Size

    23,5 X 31,5 inches or 60 X 80 cm
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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