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Crystal Stream is a magnificent piece of fine art that makes a dramatic statement. It conveys a majestic feel, and commands a presence. It is a showpiece that draws attention and enhances its’ space with a feeling of luxury. It’s size feels larger than life, and one can’t help but be drawn into it.  It contains striking hues of aquamarine and shades of Caribbean blues. This combination of blues and turquoise cascading down the panel surrounded by a clean white background gives the effect of an abstract moving stream. The splashes of indigo, and kohl black add depth and intrigue to this beautiful piece of art.  
Where there is radiant color, there is also harmonizing texture. The shimmering mica, glossy resin, and regal gold leaf make this piece of art feel like it was created for royalty. The raised texture throughout the hues of blue and green, allows one to get lost in the experience of depth and movement. The sparkling clear quartz crystals embedded in the resin dance and shift in the light, and bring about a sense of hope and calm. Clear quartz is known for amplifying energy, and creating a sense of harmony and empowerment. These are strategically placed throughout this piece that draws your attention to the powerful feelings that they evoke. These crystals are known to attract happiness, love, confidence, wisdom, and harmony.  The gold leaf catches your eye and transforms this piece into a luxurious and regal experience. This stunning piece of art hypnotizes the viewer as the textures dance and shimmer as the light source shifts.

Crystal Stream

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    I have always had a love for painting. However, when my personal life became its' own emotional storm, my love of painting became my source of strength. My paintings are as multifaceted and layered as my story, which include grief & loss, trauma, addiction, cancer, and after my husband lost his battle with PTSD - the realities of being a young RCMP widow while rising our children. My artwork illuminates my transformation and journey of resiliency. I typically work with acrylic paints, resin, mica, and healing crystals, which dance and shimmer in the light. I chose to walk away from my professions teaching career to pursue my own company which now displays my art pieces and hand poured scented soy candles.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

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  • Size

    96" x 48"
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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