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Memory is the recollection of events and things that we want to keep in our minds. We form them in such a way that they are often far from reality, and this is the beauty of it. For me, nature is a constant source of harmony, joy, and inspiration.


  • Jaleh Farshi

    I am a painter whose paintings depict landscape. The landscape is not just geography or place, it is also memory and spirit. The recollection of the past that we’ve all experienced at some stage in our lives. I take what I see in the landscape and imagine how it relates to me personal experience. I am not governed by what is true. I am creating an artwork that, to a large degree, is recognizable to all. The one that both exist in reality and imagination. My painting represent subjects that are familiar from reality, but also part of artist imagination.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

  • Size

    24" X 30"
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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