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My work is inspired by local scenes from Soweto, South Africa, which has a rich history of migrant labour. I use a lot of colour because I believe colour is like a spice of life.

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  • Tsholo "Splash" Motong

    As a qualified fashion designer, my keen interest in art was inevitable. Being born and bred in the biggest township in South Africa-Soweto, my keen inspiration has always been influenced by the vibrant & colorful lifestyle that Soweto offers. Soweto has always influenced the country through politics, sports, music, and culture. It is also the only place in the world with two Nobel Prize winners which is Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. My style of painting is heavily inspired by the broad contrast and living activities of township life. Soweto wouldn’t exist without the Johannesburg CBD, so I’m compelled to portray the Jo’burg skyline with its tall skyscrapers & colorful sunrise and sunset.
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