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Welcome to Opus Art Masters:
8 Artists, 1 Theme, 1 Hour and 1 Box of mystery supplies!

Experience Art Masters, an innovative painting competition designed to test the skills of professional artists. Within one hour, participants use a mystery box of supplies to create a masterpiece that reflects a theme given during the contest.


The audience votes for their favorite, and all pieces will be available for a silent auction.

Be a part of this unique and fast-paced event in 2025!

*Art Masters is included in ticket fee*

2024 Artist Lineup

Aripov, Dilshat

Aripov is an artist with a focus on drawing and fine arts. Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Ariprov’s work has a focus on the culture and ongoing oppression of the Uyghur. Having displayed an interest in drawing from a young age, he studied Fine Arts and Technical Design. Since his studies, Ariprov has found himself as a drawing teacher in an art studio and continues to teach today.

Christine Delay_Recess_cropped.jpeg
Delay, Christine

Delay, a recipient of the Beaumont Studios' "Artist to Watch Award" and the inaugural "D.L Stevenson Award" for best painter, currently resides on the west coast of Canada. Originally from a small town in Northern Ontario, she discovered her creative talent as a teenager. Despite the absence of galleries or an art scene in her hometown, she drew inspiration from pop culture, a theme that continues to influence her work today.

Her preferred mediums are collage, paint pens, charcoal, and vinyl gouache which all amount to the mixed media style she is known for.

Copy of Drool_Najeong Im.jpg
Im, Najeong

Im, an artist born and raised in the coastal city of Yeosu, South Korea, decided to pursue her passion for Graphic Design in the United States. After seven years of studying art and design in Atlanta, Georgia, she found herself captivated by Vancouver’s picturesque setting, where she has been living and creating ever since.

Im's artistic repertoire spans across various mediums, including photography, painting, sculpture, and writing. Her works are deeply personal, evoking a sense of intimacy and authenticity that resonates with her audience.

CATALOGUE 20231125_175207.jpg
Nuggehalli Badarina, Padmashree

Badarina Nuggehalli is an Indo-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, driven by a desire to capture the diverse emotions of people from various backgrounds through her art. Raised in India, she was instilled with values such as kindness, love, and humility. However, it was in Canada where she found the strength and courage to embrace her true self and appreciate the rich tapestry of cultures around her.

As a child, Badarina Nuggehalli realized that her art was often judged by society's standards and limitations. This realization initially led her to believe that art couldn't truly exist without freedom of expression, causing her to momentarily abandon her passion. However, in 2016, she rediscovered herself through her art, rekindling her confidence and determination.

Porter, Brian

Growing up in the 80’s in small-town Ontario, Porter has drawn artistic influence from music and life experiences alike. A background in graffiti and mural painting shines through in his vibrantly coloured work and, today, Porter’s work can be found in collections across the globe. After years of honing his style that blended his street life of painting famous icons, comic book characters and wildlife Porter has created a bold technique that is undoubtedly noticed as nothing other than “ That’s a Porter!”

Weiguang, Huang

Huang is a Chinese Oil Painter from Los Angeles! Proud member of the Kennedy Foundation and an art researcher at Lanzhou University, China. Huang's passion for contemporary and abstract oil art is a site to see. With a rich portfolio across the United States and Asia, including the Singapore Art Fair and Hong Kong Asia Art Fair, Huang's artistry captivates audiences worldwide. Honoured by the San Francisco government for his outstanding achievements, including recognition from U.S. Congressman California Senator San Francisco, Huang's impact on the art scene is truly impressive! ⁠

Wu Diana from Tangchao Art Studio

Tangchao Art Studio, as the earliest formal art training institution in the Greater Vancouver area, has been established since 2008. Over the past sixteen years, it has sent thousands of students to world-renowned universities with a 100% acceptance rate. The academy is dedicated to respecting art, cultivating future artists and designers, emphasizing fundamentals, and providing rigorous and pragmatic teaching. It is committed to establishing orthodox Eastern and Western artistic thinking for students, planning art university applications, guiding students in portfolio preparation, applying to top art schools, and nurturing young artistic masters.

Zhao, Yanzhi (Emma)

Zhao's roots trace back to Beijing, China, but her journey led her to Canada at the age of 8. Currently a junior at Elgin Park Secondary School in Surrey, BC, she shares her home with her parents and two furry feline companions.⁠ Zhao's artistic flair knows no bounds. She fearlessly blends various mediums and explores the realm of 3D sculptures. Her passion lies in capturing the myriad of emotions experienced by young adults like herself. Through her artwork, Zhao not only celebrates the highs but also sheds light on the lows, employing a vibrant spectrum of colours to bring her creations to life. With aspirations of advancing her artistic journey, Zhao aims to pursue a secondary degree in the arts.

2024 Winner!

ART Masters Sneak Peak

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