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African Shweshwe fabric collage and acrylic on canvas

Daily Struggling

  • Tsholo Motong

    Tsholo "Splash" Motong from Johannesburg produces color-splashed art. Motong's work is inspired by his grandmother who used to sell vegetables and did some basic sewing. Also a fashion designer, he fuses design with his art, as he portrays African women: "Splash's art is a true reflection of his upbringing and he loves to incorporate everyday life in Soweto and Johannesburg in most of his artworks." Splash discovered his creativity and artistic potential at a young age. As a colorful artist, he relishes using bright colors. His main inspiration is his grandmother, hence the dominance of women in his artwork. "She was my pillar, she raised me up from the ground up. She used to do crafts like knitting and crochet, so that's how I started learning how to work with fabrics and colors and enjoy textures. She didn't scold me when I told her I want to venture into this career." Whenever he uses fabrics, he ensures that they have African roots.
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