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Artwork Information

Under Construction 9 is one of twelve 40" x 40" self-portraits paintings in the "Under Construction" series. I began this series in 2009 and it was first exhibited at The Art Gallery Of Peterborough. Over the past thirteen years I have continued to work back into the paintings incorporating and embedding them with what I learned throughout the year. I continue to develop them so the viewer has a new experience with each encounter.

Under Construction

  • Dionne Simpson

    Dionne Simpson was born in Jamaica, raised in Toronto, and studied art at Cooper Union in New York and OCADU in Toronto. She was the first national winner of the RBC Canadian Painting Competition in 2004. Simpson’s artistic practice is rooted in family histories and textile practices. Using a traditional African textile technique, she pulls threads from large canvases to create voids in the canvas. Into the spaces left behind she adds various paint pigments and found pigments including White Out and hair dye and then further destroys and embellishes the canvas. Simpson has created works that vary from architectural depictions, such as the work presented here, to portraits and abstract images. She has described the canvas as a “metaphor for the underlying fabric of Canadian society” where she “embeds fragments of our culture inside the windows formed within the canvas.”
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

  • Size

    40" x 40"
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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