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Join the Art Conversation with Art Talks

Explore Inspiring Discussions in our Art Talks Series

Join us for our Art Talks series, where we bring together influential artists and industry experts to share their experiences and insights. From AI Art to NFT and Northern Artists, our talks delve into a variety of captivating topics. Be part of a community that values creativity and curiosity. Check out our upcoming schedule and reserve your spot today.

2024 Art Talk: 

Censorship in Indigenous Art: Unveiling Challenges in Public and Media Spaces

In this Art Talk, panelists will share their stories, shedding light on pivotal moments of resistance and resilience in the realm of Indigenous art censorship. From recounting experiences of censorship to reflecting on lessons learned and successful resolutions, our panelists will offer unique perspectives on reclaiming Indigenous artistic expression. Join us for a candid dialogue on the challenges surrounding Indigenous art censorship and gain valuable insights into the forms it takes in Indigenous creativity.

Audiences will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indigenous creativity and cultural landscapes. By supporting respectful dialogue and exposure, attendees will leave with enriched perspectives and a newfound appreciation for Indigenous artistry.

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